Musical Instruments for Sale in Hutchinson, KS

Comprehensive list of Hutchinson, Kansas based musical instrument shops offering new & used guitars, pianos, percussion, string, woodwind instruments for sale.

From the core of Hutchinson, Kansas comes the melody of Johnson Music Center. We have been serving Hutchinson and South Central Kansas communities since 1950. Johnson's has evolved from selling Pianos and Accordions to Guitars, Drums and much more. Craig Johnson and his knowledgeable team offer years of musical knowledge and training to assist you with all your musical requirements.

Money Town pawn shop is a great place to shop for that next Gibson guitar, Browning shotgun, pretty diamond ring, digital camera, stereo, TV, or anything you might be searching for. We have the finest range, highest quality, and finest prices in town. If you find yourself short on cash, we can assist! Get a fast, confidential 90 day loan on anything of value from five dollars to five thousand.

Here's a pretty violin by Armando Altavilla made in's a 7/8 size, coming in at 351mm. SO manageable sizewise, but with a rich full sound. You'll find it heading our list on the violins page. This is the website of McHugh Violins., of Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A. We've been in and around the world of orchestral stringed instruments for over 30 years, and provide violins, violas, cellos, basses, bows

Lighthouse Music Services has many band and orchestra instruments for rent this year. Unlike other rental programs, our program makes it easy and inexpensive for your student to get began in music. Why rent from Lighthouse Music Services? This gives your student a chance to determine if they want to stick with music. Bring the instrument back at any time with no penalty or monetary loss.

We are actually three stores in one! Why buy a musical instrument from a shop in Wichita, Kansas? Unless you live in Kansas, you pay us no sales tax! When you contact us for information, you talk to a real person who actually knows something about musical instruments.

  • Wichta Band has been around for a lot of years. They have some great instruments at decent

A Luthier is one who repairs, improves and creates stringed musical instruments. WHY GUITAR PLAYERS SPEND HALF THEIR TIME TUNING AND THE OTHER HALF PLAYING OUT OF TUNE: The following is a rough overview of the physics of guitar tuning, by Steve Mason. C# AND Db ARE NOT THE SAME NOTE: In fact C# is slightly higher than Db, but they are played by the same key on the piano, and there is only one fret

Clevenger Pianos specializes in Rebuilding Steinway Pianos, as well as other custom historic piano projects from time to time. Piano as is, will rebuild for client. Completely rebuilt with a new action. All parts are new Renner action parts and are of the best quality.

We currently have used and new models from student to professional. We offer short term rentals on sound equipment. If you need a sound system for any event we should be capable to suit your requirements. Our repair department works on most instruments on location. We normally get repairs out speedily and working properly. We will call you with an estimate on any repairs needed in advance.

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