Musical Instruments for Sale in Columbus, IN

Comprehensive list of Columbus, Indiana based musical instrument shops offering new & used guitars, pianos, percussion, string, woodwind instruments for sale.

He enjoys working in his shop situated in Indiana. Bill finds it fascinating to take a piece of raw wood cutting it and finding its beauty within which he makes into exceptional musical instruments. He handcrafts each instrument and critiques it until he is pleased with the exact tone and sound quality he feels it should produce. Bill Berg does not call himself an artist, just a craftsman.

You can rest confident that when you receive one of my instruments there have been only my two hands for each, every, and all of the operations - from the wood resaw to the final polish. Whatever your musical heart desires is possible in my shop. Even my standard models have subtle differences discernible to the discriminating eye.

The Weed Patch Music Company is run and run by recording artist and multi-instrumentalist Kara Barnard and Luthier Jeff Russell. They didn't start this adventure to turn a profit. Jeff and Kara view the store as a musician's co-op where luthiers talk shop and musicians trade licks. Come and visit the Weed Patch Music Company in Brown County.

Mac's Music is a family run music store committed to all our local musicians. We have great prices and an exceptional atmosphere. Our store not only has the guitars and accessories you need we have a recording studio with unbeatable rates. Joey G. and his knowledge of recording can create the studio magic happen for you.

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We specialize in rebuilding antique and quality pianos. The American Piano Factory restores each piano with attention to the best detail, and a kind of craftsmanship that is crucial in making each instrument a work of art. Other interesting sites to visit.

Harmonicas and Stuff store supplies an exceptional new shopping experience. We have a huge range of Musical Instrument from which to choose for the everyday harmonica aficionado to the casual enthusiast tabs. Lee Oskar harmonicas are considered among the finest in the business, from the Major diatonic, to the Natural Minor, to the Harmonic Minor to the Melody Maker.

The huge most of our organs are designed for houses of worship, and their ultimate goal is to allow organists to inspire people to worship. This is what guides me in my work with your church. Classic Organs responsibility is to listen to your requirements, learn about your service of worship, challenge and inspire you with new possibilities, and help you in selecting the best instrument for your worship.