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Our violin was made in 1852 and has been in the family for generations. My husband plays it now and so will our daughter when she grows into it. It is special to us, so it was very important to us to find a skilled Luthier when this violin needed repair. Henry took great care with the violin,

My daughter has been playing viola for almost 6 years and was long overdue for a new viola... We drove from Wenatchee to Kirkland today with hopes of looking at a used one for her. When those plans fell through, we contacted Henry. They let her play a variety of violas and use different bows

This is a family owned shop. Very friendly. Great service.

Of course they have a grand assortment of CD's both new and used and the staff is very knowledgeable about music. The used seciton is chalked full of goodies and the DVD section is out of this world. I will never go to Suncoast and purchase videos ever again. The diner part is pretty good.

This shop was a wonderful find. Very knowledgeable in highly trained staff. Courteous, helpful, honest. I was looking for something in the $2000 range and they had probably the better selection in Spokane. They did say they had some less expensive, as little as $400, but that wasn't what I

Great help and the best values around, I drove an hour after spending three weeks searching western washington to buy from the best.

This place is perfect, super friendly and helpful staff, good gear and nice prices.

That is a great store! Lots of choices of instruments and superior customer service. The staff is very nice, knowledgable but not pushy as in many other piano stores. I am a pianist and a piano teacher myself, I always recommend Washburn pianos in Bellevue for my pupils and their families for


Helmers is so Frikking aweosme, every member that works there is very.almost too overly nice! i dont think a smile leaved their face, Ever. Its a tiny shop but that have alot of good quality trainers, pianos, guitars, bass guitars, books, machines, pedals, you name it! ( also where i bought

I can't believe that these guys are in Olympia and not in some metropolitan area. You would think that luthiers of this caliber would be in a major city and not in our peaceful little town. Think again! I was originally renting my son's school viola from another outfit. When I saw the quality

Bruce Hecke is a great piano tuner! He is really friendly and helpful and goes out of his way to help you with any questions you have. He has also fixed keys and hammers on my piano and really takes the time to explain how things work and what exactly is wrong. He is very fair when charging

This Music store ROCKS! wonderful people, Great service and super Deals!

This store has some of the best guitars and guitar lessons

Good Guitars, Low Prices, The guy who runs it knows what he's talking about. Used and New. You can even trade in your guitars for different ones.

Great Movie selection.Fabulous Music selection!And a great variety of video games for almost every system!Love it!

Kitsap Music has helped me through my order & made it as competitive as Musician Friends Catalog & American Music in Seattle.Kitsap Music can also deliver some deals to you.All you need to do is talk with Dan.My dealings with Kitsap Music has been positive.

I have going to Mermaid for about 2 year. Brian the owner is a very neat and nice guy to talk to. He is a very knowledgeable person that knows a lot about records and bands. He has a great selection of lps, cds, Tapes and occasionally rare concert DVDs. Mermaid a neat place to go and find hidden

For the best guitar repair and maintenance Mike Lull is the best in the Northwest.

I was in shock to find that you had a k series hybrid crash cymbal, in stock? i could not believe it, im still amazed at my delight to find such a cymbal,i asked the clerk how this particular cymbal sounded now that ive found it well i must say that ive already been sold on it this particular

Beacock Music is one of the best music companies I've had the priveledge of working with. Im always greeted when I come in and the services is wonderful. In additiona, my daughter is taking guitar lessons there and has become a little rock goddess in a matter of 6 short months. The instructors

Some of the finest acoustic guitars in the Seattle area are found here. The shop has a peaceful atmosphere and the Rob, the proprietor is knowledgeable, informative and unassuming. They carry some top notch brands such as Weber and Larrivee but I was most excited to see handmade instruments

I have been taking lessons here for about 4 months. Vinnie is a great instructor and I love the shop!

Noreen is good with communication and my kids look forward to each lesson with her. They are learning lots!

I've known Aaron Andrews (and his guitar work) for about ten years now. I can state unequivocally that he is one of the best stringed instrument repair technicians in this region. He can handle any job from simple setup and routine maintenance to complex restorations on important old instruments.

The selection of this store is great. There are many rare and unusual instruments here. The prices can be extremely inflated so be sure to do some research before buying anything here. You just may save yourself a couple hundred dollars in doing so. Also, the customer service can vary greatly

If you are going to shop for music equipment, shop here! The workers here provide you with the information you need and are much more geared towards helping the customer get what they need than other music stores. MUST SHOP HERE!