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Our violin was made in 1852 and has been in the family for generations. My husband plays it now and so will our daughter when she grows into it. It is special to us, so it was very important to us to find a skilled Luthier when this violin needed repair. Henry took great care with the violin,

My daughter has been playing viola for almost 6 years and was long overdue for a new viola... We drove from Wenatchee to Kirkland today with hopes of looking at a used one for her. When those plans fell through, we contacted Henry. They let her play a variety of violas and use different bows

I highly recommend Mr. Bozeman and his shop! We rented both a cello and a violin from him for my daughters. I love his rental plan that puts aside a portion toward purchasing an instrument as we recently had accumulated enough to buy the violin! How exciting!

For the past few years my son have been taught by Larry piano now we are onto guitar

Inherited a violin from my brother and no history of it. Daughter uses it for middle school orchestra class. It developed a crack. So glad we took it to Mercury Fine Violins. He began work on it immediately and kept us up to date with the progress. Apparently it was in rougher shape than we

I would expect for the price we paid to get more reliable service. Kids like her, but we couldn't count on her to always do what she said.

Flexible but sometimes unreliable. Have shown up for a lesson, and instructor had lesson time wrong. Encourages new students to love piano, but progress can be slow. Great relationship with kids and parents unless there is a problem. I never heard back from her regarding pulling my child from

I found CIOMIT because of my students music teacher. I found I could trust this merchant. Great advice and better than internet prices. Could not be more pleased.

It's a pleasure to talk to someone with experience and knowledge.

Miss Suzanne has been my daughter's instructor for almost 3 years. She challenges her, makes my daughter think about music, and exposes her to classical pieces. The lessons are above my expectations and have compared her progress to others whom have different instructors- Melody piano is far

I play bassoon and I needed reeds ASAP for school purposes and they ordered reeds and other accessories such as cleaning swabs, metronomes, straps and more!

I received a brand new Gibson guitar that I had in my possession long enough to inspect, assess repairs, and provide to this guy to fix. Guitar needed exactly two minor repairs: re-glue pick guard to bracket, and remount pickup selector switch in its grommet. Two superficial shipping repairs

Great store, small but has everything! Expert Customer service, Prices to match "Big Box" music stores found on the web.

Wide selection of name brands for strings and accessories. Also excellent prices on guitars, violins, mandolins and ukuleles. When you visit Branson, definitely stop in and buy something for yourself, or a gift for your friends or family back home. They also have a nice online store with

They are the most honest and skilled shop in the area. Ken has always found the very best price on everything he buys so you can save as well. His fret jobs are second to none. He offers a diversified line of instruments to fit everyone's needs and has a great attitude to go along with no pressure

I brought in some middle school instruments that had been sitting idle for some years, and that were in very poor condition. Greg fixed them up beautifully! The instruments were made playable, and were given extra touches that only a caring professional would do. For example, one trombone was

Brand new lesson rooms are a HUGE step up from the dump we used to use. All of the rooms have a live video feed to the comfy couch in the showroom. I can relax, use the free internet, and glance up to see my daughter get her guitar lesson. I actually look forward to a half hour of peace and

We have taken 2 instruments in there over the past 3 yrs. Both they said need a complete overhaul, ($220, and $400) got them both fixed elsewhere for $40 each. Flute to flute specialist, and sax at Meridian winds. Oh and be really careful when you buy something, tried to return some reeds

I have been doing business with ABBA"S for several years. No more do I drive long distances to shop around to find a better price or brand. They have done me right every time I've walked in the door and that's becoming more often.

I've bought several guitars and musical accessories at Cars N Guitars and have always received great service, whether i'm buying something or just stopping by for a chat and/or to look around. Bought a nice Ovation, (collectors edition) a few years ago and the follow up and service has been

Well, I give the store a -1 score because the owner treated us bad and didn't care about our child not being able to carry the heavy case included in the rental. He insisted in talking over me, interrupting and verbally pushed us around. We were there to rent a drum and wanted a soft, backpack

Sold us a piano long distance. It was advertized as like new and pristine. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS INDIVIDUAL. They are not to be trusted and are full of excused. We asked for a 5% refund on the purchase to cover costs of damage only. Piano Mill would not help at all. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, piano

My son has been taking lessons with Miss Suzan for a while. It's just amazing how he responds to piano. He has been practicing on his own! Not something I am used to!

After comparing all the music shops in the area, I went to Lashof's to rent a violin because their program was BY FAR the best. They were helpful and nice, too.

The guy that I see when I usually go there is kind of grumpy and never smiles at all but will set you up with a good deal! He may never become your best friend but he knows his stuff and gives you options when it comes around to payments. He is a straight forward business man, and sometimes

I took my violin bow to the Novi Music Center and it came back badly damaged. I could not loosen my bow, and they overstuffed the frog and the MOP slide eventually popped out. The head had ugly file marks and not only that, they filed off the edges. It was a nice old German bow and its original

Piano Artisans provided me outstanding service on a number of occasions related to the rebuilding and restoration of my antique Mason and Hamlin with Ampico player. Brian Grado is a master technician and historical expert related to antique pianos and players. His fees are reasonable comparatively

If you're looking for a new or used piano or new digital, be sure you check out the Piano Outlet in Oxnard. They have three showrooms of pianos, from inexpensive used ones and reasonable new ones to valuable restored grands. The owner is so knowledgeable, but no one is pushy or trying to

I've been to this store twice and both times I felt like I was hassling the owner. He was very rude, not friendly not helpful at all. I tried this shop to support local/small independent business but with this poor service, I'll stick to the larger chain stores. I do not recommend this store

Bait and switch after sale with floor model needing attention. Could not deliver new as promised and could not tune floor model within a couple weeks of christmas. Larry was the worst, and is the only one screening calls lately. Mitchell did not respond or return emails or calls for four

These guys ruined a classic piano. Many excuses and long delays in delivery. Made wrong decisions. Avoid these piano rebuilders by all means. Bad news.

Great service, friendly and knowledgeable staff, very helpful when I need advice. They carry a lot of great brands.

Bought a great pa system from Tower Music at a great price with outstanding customer service. Highly recommend!

Very nice service, professional musicians. Affordable rates.

My daughter has been taking lessons at creative music and has shown great improvement, she loves her teacher and looks forward to her lessons. The store is always well stocked for back to school witch make my life much easer. I would give this store an A+.

Friendly place. You feel at home just browsing, and the folks working there are very accommodating. Just bought a clarinet for my daughter, and the staff carefully explained to me the advantages and disadvantages of all my options.

This is a family-oriented small town store with a professional, big city capability. The range of product offerings, the enticing promotional events and the staff service levels are exceptional. It's a pleasure doing business there. It's a great resource for the families, schools and all the

Ms. Reisman and her staff have been willing to go the extra mile for their customers. I needed a quantity of an item they don't regularly stock, and they promptly ordered it and had it shipped to me. They were friendly, courteous, good-humored, helpful, and everywhere in the store I could

This guy is mean to his customers.

This is a family owned shop. Very friendly. Great service.

As did another reviewer, I agree they have a wide selection of new and used pianos. However, our experience with the sales staff was less positive. The owner was quite pushy to my wife, encouraging us to buy a more expensive piano with far more than our young daughter needed. Having dealt with

Way nice to deal with. THE Best help I have had.

I found ZoZo Music online and saw that they were located here in San Antonio. I decided to go check them and I'm glad I did! They were very helpful and answered every question I had. They helped me pick out the perfect guitar and I am completely satisfied with it. Their customer service is

This is the best music store in High Desert and probably anywhere else for that matter. They have the best prices, the best selection and the service is awesome! Even the big stores down below can't compete with this small store. It has everything you need. You will not be disappointed. I have

I visited south Jersey music recently. There staff i think both owners are polite and knowledgable. They were able to answer all of my questions and I even learned a thing or two about the clarinet. I went into buy a clarinet for my 9 year old daughter and and they talked me into renting one

Such talent and experience!: We never dreamed that our children Luke and Jessica would learn piano from someone with such amazing talent and experience! We are truly blessed to have had you in our lives.

Of course they have a grand assortment of CD's both new and used and the staff is very knowledgeable about music. The used seciton is chalked full of goodies and the DVD section is out of this world. I will never go to Suncoast and purchase videos ever again. The diner part is pretty good.

In the Kanawha valley. Alas, he is only one man, and you have to wait often to get an appointment.

Would not advise going here-he doesn't treat his students with much respect and spends too much time trying to convince you that Eddie Van Halen is the greatest guitarist of all time. If I'm paying for these lessons, don't I at least deserve a little respect from my teacher? Also, he double

Recently purchased a new Fender American P Bass. The price was the lowest I found in Philly. The bass sounds great and I am really happy with my choice.