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Comprehensive list of Milton, Massachusetts based musical instrument shops offering new & used guitars, pianos, percussion, string, woodwind instruments for sale.

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When the cellist Yo-Yo Ma takes to the inaugural stage on Tuesday, the instrument he will have may take music enthusiasts by surprise. Below, 44 carbon fiber instruments that the marine orchestra used in the concert yesterday. I wouldn't have believed such a pretty sound could happen without wood. The tone is surprisingly superb.

The computer problem is history mostly! Over the next week you will see a plethora of instruments being added. Marcus Bonna cases will be arriving in a couple weeks. I have ALL models on order just in time for early Christmas shopping. As usual if you have a product that you think I need to sell in my shop let me know about it!

The Suzuki Institute of Boston provides a complete program of Suzuki Method instruction delivering each student with an personal lesson, instrumental group class and music reading class every week. We use the materials and teaching points from the Talent Education Institute in Japan. Audio mp3 files with scales and exercises.

We specialize in recorders and other historical woodwind instruments, and sheet music and accessories for early musicians. Our knowledgable team is committed to delivering you with the highest service and the finest instruments. If you don't find what you are searching for, please give us a call and we'll do our finest to aid.

Williams' Piano Shop has been in the business of selling, renting and repairing pianos since 1927. Now in it's 3rd generation of fair prices and caring service, you owe it to yourself to check out our inventory of used and new and rental pianos. If you need a piano to rent by the month or for just an event, Williams' Piano Shop maintains a fleet of best quality Yamaha pianos available to be provided

Rutman's Musical Workshop, in Newton MA. His clientele grew rapidly, and in order to better serve his clients, he relocated the shop to downtown Boston on Edgerly Road. Thank you for all your support through the years. You are truly one of the Project STEP's finest friends - Eugene Kim, Director Project STEP program, Boston Symphony Hall.

Our goal is to promote and deliver the possibility to play music to everyone. We want to electrify and inspire players, from budding musicians to professional artists because we trust that the dream of playing music should be available to all. Check out our range of new guitars and basses at First Act's online store.

Rayburn Music is proud to announce the opening of the Selmer Paris Pro Shop in New York and Boston! Rayburn is now the official home of the incomparable line of Selmer's French-made instruments, including Reference, Series II and Series III Saxophones, Signature and Recital Clarinets and Concept TT Trumpets. New instruments and accessories are arriving weekly at both locations!