For over 45 years Rhythm Band Instruments has been delivering quality products for music education and enjoyment in early childhood and elementary schools. We believe that music is an integral part of your child's development and studies show that the finest academic students are those that participate in music and arts programs.

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  City Fort Worth , TX
  Zip Code 76102
  Address 1316 East Lancaster Avenue
  Phone Number (817) 335-2561

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The guy that I see when I usually go there is kind of grumpy and never smiles at all but
will set you up with a good deal! He may never become your best friend but he knows his stuff and gives you options when it comes around to payments. He is a straight forward business man, and sometimes thats what I need. There's another guy that works in the shop that is a nice guy to deal with but I like to talk to old grumpy 1st ( I think he is really a nice guy, Its may just be the neighborhood the shop is in that makes him have to be that way. Can't blame them, but its worth the trip) He can help you find what you need and does not push you into getting what you cannot use. I trust him, he is there to do his job and is not going to wine and dine me with a lot of fluff about a guitar or gear to try to sell me something or anything. Just the facts and the truth. And that's what I need! The other guy will go online with you and help to find you something in your price range that will work for you. The two of them together works into a nice balance or blend of what I can work with. Got some great stuff out of there. Going back.

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