We are proud to offer professional-caliber instrument rental at truly affordable prices. Located in Westport and Greenwich, Connecticut, we can deliver instruments throughout the United States. Whether you’re a parent or student looking for an individual instrument to rent or you manage a music program yourself and need to rent instruments in bulk, we invite you to browse through our site and see detailed pictures of the kinds of actual instrument rentals available from us.

Renting from RentalInstrument.Com is different than renting anywhere else. All of our instruments are all brand new and custom manufactured under the exacting specifications of company founder Kenneth Kuo, himself a professional cellist who has played on some of the world’s largest stages on the world’s rarest instruments. The result is an instrument that looks as beautiful as it sounds and which will serve well through all kinds of practices and performances.

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If you are unable to come pick up or drop off the instrument, we are also offering delivery services to your home. We value the health of our customers and employees and wish everyone a healthy and safe summer. RentalInstrument.com was founded by Kenneth Kuo, a concert cellist, recording artist, and graduate of the esteemed music programs of Juilliard and Yale, to enable kids to share his passion for playing. Watch these videos to meet Ken, to hear more about his philosophy, and to learn about the company including its impressive collection of fine instruments, its expert maintenance and repair staff and facilities, and details on how to rent the string or band instrument of your choice from RentalInstrument.com.

Yes, our brand new band instruments qualify for our Rent Three Years - Keep for Life option! Our Violins and Violas qualify for our 24 month Rent to Own option, where you can apply your rental fees for up to 24 months, excluding insurance and money paid for repairs and damages. For Cellos, we have a 12 month Rent to Own option where you can apply your rental fees for up to 12 months, excluding insurance and money paid for repairs and damages. Option 2: Pay by credit card on the payment plan which is broken into 3 payment periods.

In the year 2000 The Connecticut School of Music was founded. Shortly after founding the school, we recognized the importance of a rental instrument program that can provide affordable, quality instruments to students. As educators, I am sure you have shared our frustrations of seeing faulty instruments, lack of service, and damage at the hands of small children. What we can provide for you is an antidote to your daily pains! We ensure quality, reliability and convenience. Not only do we provide a variety of instruments at different levels, our services and repair staff are also available to you.

Westport, Connecticut is recognized as one of the best places for arts and education in the United States. Rental Instrument, LLC. is located at the Westport Headquarters of The Connecticut School of Music, which has been serving Fairfield County since 2000 and offers private lessons for a variety of instruments. The Connecticut School of Music was the birthplace of Rental Instrument, LLC. As a result of seeing hundreds of dedicated musicians flow through our doors each week, we acknowledge the importance of having a quality instrument that matches the student's progress.

Getting a string instrument for your aspiring musician doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. Renting a string instrument from RentalInstrument.com is much more affordable than renting from a school program or a local music store, and the instruments you receive are tested and certified by real professional musicians. If you need to rent other instruments which is not listed here (Oboe, Bass clarinet, Tuba etc) or to rent a specific instrument fora short period of time (less than 3 months)please call our office at 203-957-8300 andask our rental pro for more details.

We have instruments appropriate for all sizes and levels, from elementary school to professional-quality instruments for advanced students playing in competitions, recitals, and concert halls. Our Connecticut offices are located in Norwalk, Greenwich, and Westport. If you'd like to stop by to sample our instruments, or would like to rent an instrument in person, you are welcome to visit (please call us to schedule an appointment). If you're ready to rent online or by phone, RentalInstrument.com also provides FREE delivery service to schools throughout eastern Connecticut.

Our saxophones are brand new with shiny brass and are educator approved. As with most band instruments from RentalInstrument.com, if you rent at our affordable monthly rate for three years, the instrument is yours to keep after year three. Developed in the 1840's by Adolphe Sax in Paris, the saxophone is an integral part of the woodwind family. Usually made of brass and using a single-reed mouthpiece comparable to that of the clarinet, it is the most vocal and powerful of its family. The saxophone is a narrowed tube of thin brass which is also plated with gold, nickel, or silver.

Our clarinets are brand new and produce tonal qualities that rival high-end instruments costing much more. At RentalInstrument.com, rent a brand new clarinet for three years and it's yours to keep for life. Recommended by professional clarinetists and approved by educators and band directors. The key layout is ideal for beginners and intermediate players. It's easy to play and offers a nice even tone. I especially like the exterior of this clarinet. The brushed ABS material makes it look like a traditional wooden clarinet but at the same time, it's durable and long lasting.