March 30, 2009: Due to continuing problems with my ISP, I have a new email address. Visit my contact page to email me. March 24, 2009: I have been experiencing problems with my internet/email over the last few days. I am currently working with my ISP to get the problem resolved. When I am back up and running, I will reply to your emails.

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  City Baltimore, MD
  Zip Code 21230
  Address 428 East Frt Av
  Phone Number (410) 783-0260

Phil is a Luthier in the finest tradition of the craft. Not some hack from Guitar center who does not care about your instrument. I absolutely trust him with my high end instruments and he can breathe new life in to a basic instrument by setting it up right.

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I have a bass client who has many, many basses and he has the oil finished basses refinished in a thicker, harder gloss polyurethane because he says it makes the instruments sound better (brighter, clearer in this application). Also, something I learned from my good friend and finisher Chris Bavaria - Poly can be sanded back to achieve desired mil thickness, that finish prep is also important in final impact on resonance. A quick thought on wintertime guitar ownership - please keep an eye on Relative Humidity for our stringed friends.

The question in work of this nature is the condition of the guitar now and the condition you want it in and what needs to be done to accommodate that. I've repaired all kinds of stuff for folks where the money didn't make sense in light of market value. Some decisions are more about enjoyment of the piece than selling price. That is a balance you have to decide for yourself. If this is the guitar for you, then do what you need to and enjoy it without looking back. In the grand scheme of things, it may be a very worthwhile investment in fun and musical growth.