Hilton Piano Workshop is a family run and run business. We have a huge range of used and new pianos, digital pianos, organs, keyboards and musical accessories for sale. We offer rebuilding services where your piano can be restored to its original beauty or perhaps just repaired to nice working order.

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  City Albany, NY
  Zip Code 12205
  Address 156 Railroad Ave # 1
  Phone Number (518) 435-9876

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Hilton Piano Center is a 3rd generation retail music store with lifetime experienced sales people. Hilton Piano Center specializes in pianos, digital pianos, keyboards and player pianos. Hilton's is a family-owned business where we do our best to always make you feel welcome and at ease. We are the Capital Regions exclusive Authorized dealers of Yamaha Pianos, Roland pianos, digital pianos and keyboards, Baldwin acoustic pianos, Casio Hybrid Digital pianos, Dynatone digital pianos, Hallet Davis acoustic pianos, QRS player piano systems, Pianodisc player systems as well as a great selection of Used Steinway, Yamaha, Kawai and other quality piano manufacturers.

At Hilton Piano Center, we desire to create enjoyment and excitement while learning piano through the approach of using technology but also respecting the purist at heart as well. We truly care that you see music as a way of life, just the way we have experienced in our family for three generations now! Hilton Piano Center is a 3rd generation, customer-focused retail piano and keyboard store with lifetime experienced sales people. This video captures Bob Hilton's story of who he truly was. This video project is part of larger project on Hilton Music which was started shortly after he was first diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2014.

Tuning a piano is a skilled profession. Although there are many apps on the market today, this does not substitute for a skilled technician who will properly set the tuning pins as well as other things related to a quality piano tuning. This ensures a quality end result and your piano will stay in tune longer. A properly tuned piano is enjoyable to play and will make you want to play more! How often should you tune a piano? Regular tunings are a must to keep your piano playing as it should and extend its life.

Hilton Piano Center & Hilton Music offers private lessons in guitar, piano, bass, and drums covering a wide range of music styles from pop, rock, jazz, country, and anything in between. Our music instructors are all professional musicians, continuously active in live stage and studio performance. Hilton Piano Center's main goal is to provide the finest musical instruction available in an engaging and comfortable atmosphere. All of our music lessons are private 1 on 1 lessons besides the Hilton music Kids program, we do encourage parents to sit in on their children's lessons as parental involvement is paramount to their success.