Situated at 727 State Street in Schenectady, NY, and Parkwood Plaza Route 9 Clifton Park, NY, Hermie's Music is a complete-service music store owned and run by local professional musicians. We carry a complete line of used and new instruments and accessories, providing rentals and repairs as well as lessons.

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  City Clifton Park, NY
  Zip Code 12065
  Address 1758 Rte 9
  Phone Number (518) 371-4455

From Our Website

As we close the door on a challenging 2020 and look forward to the promise of a new year, I find myself looking back to December 2019. At that time, we were looking forward to the many ways we were going to celebrate our 90th year in business. Plans were underway for parade floats, special sales, pop-up petting zoos, and many more events. Instead, we spent the year learning several different videoconferencing platforms in order to meet with students, parents, and teachers. We struggled to find suppliers of PPE specifically designed for instrumentalists.

That is why you can trust us to know what your beginning student will need to begin their musical journey. You may choose to rent a BRAND NEW instrument (Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, or Alto Saxophone). Your monthly payments begin right away (no trial period) and you start building equity towards purchase immediately. Each monthly payment goes towards the purchase of an instrument of the same type. 2. Choose to rent a pre-owned instrument for a four month trial period with a low one-time flat rate.

Whether you are new to learning a musical instrument, or picking it back up after some time off you can depend on these instructors to deliver quality instruction.