To some people, a work is something that offers money the bills. However, to Blake and Jolie the job is more, it’s their life. Blake, and sister Jolie Cooper are the fourth generation of Coopers to own and run Cooper Music, one of America’s biggest and most popular music retailers. It’s only logical that music would be more than a job for this generation. Blake, bass player and singer in a number of rock bands in his youth, started working at age ten when the family store was in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. At that time, Cooper Music sold virtually all, connected to music. Blake, who became company president in 1991, remembers, “We did it all then. What ever was hot, guitars, organs, bongo drums, it was there. We provided every thing musical.” And so Blake, who recalls sitting in the boiler room of the Cooper building, cleaning horns upon their return from rent and Jolie, after schooling designed and painted store interiors. Not exactly excellent work, they admit, but it showed them how to care for clients… and how owners must be ready to perform any job. That goes with the territory.

In 1906 Jonathan Cooper opened the business, known as Cooper Brothers Inc. A former coalmine carpenter, he utilized his woodworking skills to craft and sell pump organs. Then, year-by-year, new products (including pianos) and services (such as restoring them) were included. The growth of Cooper Music always had been evolutionary; making a solid foundation that carried the firm through good times and bad. Economic changes in the industrial north coupled with great business opportunities in the south brought the company to Atlanta.

Even today, that ability to change with the times… has served Cooper Music well. For example, Blake Cooper attributes his firm’s current success to a decision in the early 1990s to pull back from mall stores of the 1970s and ’80s, and to place renewed emphasis on pianos and organs and teaching programs such as Music and Wellness.

Why the shift? Actually, the firm always has worked good with its piano business, Cooper explains, even during the Great Depression and World War II, when new instruments were rare or nonexistent. “That was when our restoration business really began to flourish,”he says. “Most people didn’t have the money for a new piano… even if they could have found one. Restoring the piano you already had was the alternative.

The art of restoring superbly crafted, antique pianos still has a special place at Cooper Music, now the Southeast’s biggest piano restorer. “I love those old pianos,” says Cooper! ” They are unparalleled in detail and quality craftsmanship. It’s an incredible feeling to see those amazing instruments come back to life.

Blake Cooper, seeing how the business had changed, knew that a shift in product strategy was required if Cooper Music was to grow. That’s when he consolidated the company’s operations, folding the mall stores into one 10.000 square-foot superstore with three showrooms, rental department and concert hall. There are a number of studios for group and private music lessons. Soon to come were branch Music and Wellness teaching studios.

“The main reason this century old firm has survived has been our family’s willingness to change,” says Cooper. “I guess it’s a family tradition that started with my grandfather, who in the north, used to sell boats in the summer when the music business decreased. We’ve always been able to tighten our belts when necessary.”

Today clients can browse through a huge inventory of new, used, and restored pianos, as well as digital pianos and church organs. With almost 30 brands on hand, Cooper Music is the exclusive dealer for displaying the largest selection of pianos and organs in the Southeast.

A shining star of Cooper Music’s game plan is the Cooper Music Rental Program, which Cooper broadened shortly after taking the company helm. This program allows people to rent any piano they like and try it out at home, for a monthly fee as low as $25.

“With the pace and changes in life style, we find people have increased the desire for life’s finer things…including pianos,” says Cooper. “This program makes that wish affordable. Surveys have proven the value of music in childhood brain development. The Cooper Rental Program is perfect for parents who want to give their child an opportunity to play the piano before leaping into a major investment.” Later, if a client decides to buy the instrument, rental fees can be applied toward the purchase. There is no purchase obligation or time limits, he adds.

Another exciting addition to the Cooper program is Music and Wellness, group lessons for seniors who like music. Attracting hundreds of seniors each week, to several conveniently located studios the adult Music and Wellness classes grow in popularity. Together with an enjoyable… and life-enhancing hobby, participants can make new friends with galas that include dinner and a musical program.

“Music is therapeutic for all kinds of physical and mental illnesses,” says Cooper ” It makes life worth living for many people, including myself.” That’s part of the reason why Cooper shares this healing gift by donating pianos and organs to area churches and retirement homes.

Cooper Music also offers clients with services and policies such as free in-home tunings, free in home concert, money back guarantees, service satisfaction, and free exchange within 30 days to ensure their complete satisfaction. Cooper’s motto is ” Follow a simple creed for doing business: customers first, employees second, and myself last.” says Cooper.

This “client first” philosophy seems to be working. The company’s annual sales increased from $2.2 million to $6.1 million between 1993 and 2003. And most of the firm’s business comes from referrals. Why do people take the time to tell their friends and family about Cooper Music Company? Blake Cooper believes it’s because the business has maintained the personal attention people expect from a family-owned business. ” People deal with our employees a lot of the time, but they also know they can always talk to a Cooper family member as well.”

Third generation, David Cooper and his wife, Jean, still keep a hand in the business as consultants. Blake’s sister, Jolie, is the CFO. Moreover, company president Blake makes himself available to talk to his clients anytime they have a trouble or question. The Coopers may not know everyone in the city by name-as they did in western Pennsylvania, but they still believe in treating clients like old friends… like part of the family.

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Blake Cooper


Blake is the 4th generation to lead Cooper Music and is a descendant of the original family.

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The Cooper Piano restorative art is not just a cosmetic cover-up. Our restoration method can include the creation and change of the original soundboard and pin block by using the finest materials and the most exacting standards. Skilled experts are available to custom voice the instrument after it is delivered to assure compatibility with its environment. We can also make and repair of partial restoration. No job is to big or to small. Many pianos can be restores for far less that buying a new one.

Each piano is carefully delivered to our facilities where skilled technicians and restoration artists restore the piece to its former glory.

Fill out the form below and let us show you the past in all its glory, and how it can translunequaledlled musical performance with sterling investment value.

Tuning and Repair

Tuning and Repair

The Registered Piano Technicians Guild recommends keeping your piano in tune. A piano is specifically made to be tuned to the international pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second. Your piano will sound its best and give you and your family the most enjoyment when it is tuned regularly and kept in proper playing condition. At Cooper Music, we recommend two tunings per year.

Your piano contains items such as wood and felt and is subject to change with climatic conditions. Extreme swings from hot to cold or dry to wet will cause pianos materials to swell and contract affecting tone, pitch and action response. You can lower the severity of these effects by placing your piano near a wall away from windows or doors that are opened frequently.

Avoid heating and air conditioning vents, fireplaces and areas which receive direct sunlight. Your piano will perform best under consistent conditions neither too wet nor dry, optimally at a temperature of 68 degrees F and 42 percent relative humidity.

At Cooper Piano we offer services such as voicing, regulation, refinishing, restoration, refurbishing and piano player installs and fixing.

Moving and Storage

Moving and Storage

Cooper Piano moves and stores all kinds of pianos and organs professionally and carefully. We are fully insured and our delivery experts are the best in the field!

Our storage center is managed by us and is climate controlled so that we are able to offer your piano with the care that it needs. Each piano will be carefully wrapped with blankets and stored on its side on a piano board.

We take pride in honoring our commitments and creating a safe environment to protect your piano. Hire piano movers in Atlanta and the surrounding area who are respectful piano caretakers.

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At Cooper Piano we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our breadth of selection and the manner in which we conduct our business. These uncompromising factors have enabled us to achieve a notable presence in the metro Atlanta marketplace. The many and varied brands of pianos we represent, have contributed significantly to this success. Cooper Piano has very carefully chosen the products that we sell with every consideration given to meet your individual requirements. For more than 100 years, Cooper Piano company is consistently recognized as one of the top piano retailers in the United States.