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  City Blue Springs, MO
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  Phone Number (816) 228-8805

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If you are currently considering a piano or just contemplating a purchase in the future, we can offer advice to help you make a solid decision based upon many factors. Call for free phone advice or minimal fees for inspections within our service area.

We are a husband-and-wife team serving the Eastern Jackson County area of Missouri with quality piano tuning, repair/rebuilding and piano lessons. Arbeau Piano has provided quality full service for almost 30 years, before 1986 when the company started. Gerald is a professional piano technician/rebuilder with specialized training from several piano manufacturers. He is active in the Business Fellowship International (BFI) and an associate member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). Jerry was a voice major, serving over 18 years as Minister of Music, directing in vocal and orchestral ensembles.

We often take for granted those little white and black keys. They set our melodic passages to motion within the piano as our fingers skillfully glide across them. Truly, if they have a good feel they are as well-fit leather gloves to our hands. If they have broken or sharp edges and sideward movement, it is unpleasant and lend inconsistency to our musical experience. We will begin the discussion with several aspects to these keys that give us the good or not-so-good feel to our instrument. The keys are generally made of a high quality light weight wood that has a centerpin pivot point and a frontpin under the approximate placement of our touch point that maintains consistent alignment.

One excellent source or reading material that is written in layman terms that will give solid insight to this project is, "The Piano Book, " by Larry Fine. You can locate this book at your public library or purchase one from a good bookstore for under $20, and it is a bargain at that price. Another excellent resource book to help in dating the age and manufacturing information of your consideration would be "Pierce Piano Atlas." A tactic to the unsuspecting "would-be buyer" from individuals or store salespeople is the line, "all it needs is a good tuning."